Jonas Han Chong

Jonas Han-Chong is a Chinese-born artist with an interest in deconstructing the human experience, in particular the impact of civilization. His work has been bought by art collectors from France, United States, China, Hong Kong, and Peru.

Jonas was born in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China. In 1983, he obtained a B.A. in Fine Arts from the People's Liberation Army Arts College, the most coveted fine arts school in Beijing, China. He worked as a scenic designer in Fujian-Jiangxi and later, as a magazine editor for Fujian People's Publishing Agency. Since 1990, Jonas resides in Lima, Peru. 


  • 1982 - "Smell of mountain tea", oil on canvas, at People's Liberation Army National Exhibition in Beijing. 
  • 1984 - "Near but so far", oil on canvas, received Excellence Award from General Political Department of People's Liberation Army. Beijing. 
  • 1986 - "Bride", oil on canvas, awarded first place at Fujian's Exhibition of Young Artists. Fujian Province.
  • 1990 - First individual exhibition: ATTRACTION, Alliance Francaise's Du Hall Gallery, Lima, Peru. Sponsored by Artist Publishing Co. of Hong Kong.
  • 1992 - Individual exhibition: FLOWERS, RAINBOW OF LIFE, at Peruvian-American Cultural Institute, Lima, Peru. 
  • Especial exhibition at the house of Mr. A. Biancardini, then Consul of France in Lima, Peru.
  • 1993 - Individual exhibition: DREAM STILL LIFE, Moll Art Gallery, Lima, Peru.
  • 1996 - "Still life and movement", oil on canvas, at Exhibition of Contemporary Peruvian Artists, Costa Rica.
  • 2006 - "Mother and child" and "Flower Woman", at U.S. Embassy's Noche de Arte exhibition. Lima, Peru.
  • 2006 - "Humanity 1" and "Blue cup" at 1st Peruvian-Chinese Art Festival organized by Ricardo Palma University, Lima, Peru.
  • 2008 -  "Fruits", oil on canvas, sold at PolyAuction. Beijing.
  • 2009 -  Featured Peruvian artist at the Art Z Park' International Exhibition in Beijing. Sponsored by Peruvian Embassy.
  • 2009 -  "Mother and child", oil on canvas, sold at PolyAuction. Beijing.
  • 2015  -  Individual exhibition: TRACES OF CIVILIZATION, Historic Brownsville Museum. Brownsville, Texas, United States.